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What is Peoplewelove all about!

Through Peoplewelove, we bring you stories of individuals bettering societies. This blog is an honest effort to cover their narratives and how they go about making their communities and related ecosystems a better place to live in. It is our belief that if we want to improve the society and its surrounding conditions, then the order of the day is for more social evangelists, changemakers and pioneers with a social conscience.

Our hope is that when we see more of these everyday heroes making a positive impact in the environment; then we are fostering in people an ‘I can do this too’ attitude towards social change. And our endeavour is to try and strengthen that viewpoint with  stories of individuals working towards the welfare of the others. At some point in time, our aspiration is that, the attitude is transformed to ‘ Even I can bring about a positive change in the society.’

Heroes of this blog

Anyone and everyone working towards bettering the society and towards the improvement of individuals’ lives is a hero. It could be someone who champions women’s rights and their well-being, the individual who advocates the need for children’s education and their safety, the environmentalist who zealously promotes a safe and sustainable planet, the representative who believes in protecting the interests of minority groups or just simply that someone who endeavours towards empowering the disadvantaged sections of the society.

Stories of individuals bettering societies

With every story, every narrative, we want to inspire people to become societal leaders


“One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.” One can’t but help think of Malala Yousafzai’s famous quote, when one thinks of what Nirmala Venkatesan[…]

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A Network of Compassion For Man’s Best Friend

For Sandhya and her husband, Rohit Tewari, the journey from being animal lovers to running an NGO that acts as a network for animal welfare, throughout the city of Pune[…]

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A Home For The Homeless

Jeevan Aanand Sanstha, a registered organization under the Charitable Trust Act in Mumbai, was initially established to cater to the needs of destitute senior citizens. In the course of time,[…]

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Author’s Note

Kavitha is an aspiring writer, a true-blue dreamer and an amateur yogi. She loves a good story and believes ‘people’s stories,’ in whatever shape or form are an endless source of inspiration and meaning. She is of the opinion that everyone’s story is unique and each and every story has the potential to transform the life of its readers in the most amazing way possible. When she is not writing, reading or daydreaming she is busy being a social butterfly, working out or simply catching up on her beauty sleep.

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